Coachman Trailer Upgrades

I’m headed over the pass to Eastern Washington for a couple bike races this Memorial Day weekend, and made some more upgrades to the trailer in preparation for that trip.

There will be three girls staying in the trailer Saturday night, so I am excited to see how well we all fit!

 Hanging Shoe Rack


Shoe rack installed along the dinette and bed base.  Steps to build…I took a hanging shoe rack for the back of a door:

  • cut the sections apart
  • folded over the raw edge and duct taped it
  • installed 1/2″ grommets
  • attached to the trailer with command release hooks and velcro.

There is now storage for 6 pairs of shoes or 12 pairs of flip flops 🙂

Cork Board Travel Art

I have been trying to add color to the trailer since the day I got it.  The inside is all beige and brown, and that is going to slowly change.  I bought a frames cork board that I thought was the right size to go above the dinette seat, but it was too big.  I removed the frame and use command release velcro to attach the cork board to the wall.  I then added some of the fun travel art I’ve been working on and a spot of r my state license plate stickers…so far only Oregon and Washington.  I plan to put an upholstered ledge between the cushion and the cork board that is strong enough to stand on.  It will serve two purposes.  To hold the cushion in place and to step on to climb into the top bunk.  I’ll also trim out the other three sides of the cork board to give it a more finished look.

Magnetic Knife Rack

I finally got the magnetic knife rack from Harbor Freight installed.  There is a 1×2 backer on the inside of the cabinet behind the knife rack to give added support.  Basically everything that I need in the kitchen is now within easy reach.

Cabinet Storage

I also added more in cabinet storage solutions that I didn’t photograph.  There is a wire rack shelf in the cabinet above the bed to make folded clothes easier to get in and out.  I also bought a second wire magazine file that fits in the sloped front cabinet for storing under garments.  The side cabinet above the bed has a large plastic basket for games and toy storage….because that is a must on my world!

The more fun organizational and decorative features I add to the trailer, the more convinced I am that living in it is going to be awesome!


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