Adventure Awaits On the Olympic Peninsula

Goal: Camp at every State Park on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

Started: March 2017

Follow our progress on Camping the Olympic Peninsula

List of State Parks – and the Plan

  1. Potlatch State Park – a 125-acre camping park with 5,700 feet of saltwater shoreline on Hood Canal.
    1. 0.2 miles of hiking trails
    2. 38 tent sites & 35 utility sites (max length 60′)
    3. 1 Cascadia Marine Trail Site
    4. POtlatch.jpg
  2. Dosewallips State Park – a 1039-acre, year-round camping park with 5 miles of shoreline on Hood Canal and the Dosewallips River. All camp areas are grassy and located in scenic, rustic settings.
    1. 5 miles of hiking trails
    2. 75 tent sites & 48 utility sites (60′ max length)
    3. 3 platform tents & 12 cabins
    4. Dosewallips-State-Park-Map.mediumthumb.pdf.png
  3. Fort Worden Historical State Park – a 433-acre multi-use park with more than 2 miles of saltwater shoreline
    1. 11.2 miles of hiking trails & 8.3 miles of biking trails
    2. 50 full-service site (beach campground) & 30 utility sites (upper campground)
    3. Reservations are highly recommended
    4. Fort Worden.jpg
  4. Bogachiel State Park – a thickly forested 123-acre camping park on the banks of the Bogachiel River. “It isn’t the end of the world, but you can see it from there.” So goes a popular Northwest saying about this vicinity.
    1. 1 mile of hiking trail
    2. 26 standard sites & 6 power and water sites (40′ max length)
    3. All sites are first come, first serve
    4. Bogachiel-State-Park-Map.mediumthumb.pdf
  5. Schafer State Park – a 119-acre camping park on the Satsop River, midway between Olympia and Ocean Park
    1. 2 miles of hiking trails
    2. 41 site total – 9 water/electric, 27 standard, 1 primitive, 4 walk-in, 1 ADA
    3. Part reservation, part are first come, first serve
    4. Schafer_State_Park_Map
  6. Jarrell Cove State Park –  a 67-acre marine camping park with 3,500 feet of saltwater shoreline in the northwest of Harstine Island, in south Puget Sound
    1. 1 mile of hiking trails & 1 mile of biking trails
    2. 22 tent sites
    3. 1 Cascadia Marine Trail site
    4. jarrell-cove-state-park-map
  7. Sequim Bay State Park – a year-round, 92-acre marine camping park with 4,909 feet of saltwater coast in the Sequim “rainshadow,” just inside Puget Sound on the Olympic Peninsula
    1. 2.5 miles of hiking trails
    2. 48 tent site & 15 utility sites
    3. 2 loops of forested, dry camping site – some very near the water
    4. Sequim-Bay-State-Park-Map.mediumthumb.pdf
  8. Pacific Beach State Park – a 10-acre camping park with 2,300 feet of ocean shoreline. The beach provides a variety of wonders, from dramatic surf to beach exploration
    1. Beach exploration and walking
    2. 18 standard sites & 42 utility sites
    3. 2 yurts and 26 unshaded waterfront sites
    4. Pacific_Beach_State_Park_Map
  9. Joemma Beach State Park – a 122-acre marine camping park with 3,000 feet of saltwater frontage on southeast Key Peninsula
    1. 0.8 miles of hiking trails
    2. 19 primitive tent sites
    3. 2 Cascadia Marine Trail sites
    4. Joemma-Beach-State-Park-Map.mediumthumb.pdf
  10. Manchester State Park – a 111-acre camping park with 3,400 feet of saltwater shoreline on Rich Passage in Puget Sound. Nestled in woods of Fir and Maple, Bainbridge Island is visible from the beach.
    1. 1.9 miles of hiking trails
    2. 35 tent sites & 15 utility sites
    3. 2 Cascadia Marine Trail sites
    4. Manchester
  11. Illahee State Park – a 75-acre marine camping park with 1,785 feet of saltwater frontage on Port Orchard Bay
    1. 0.5 miles of hiking trails
    2. 23 standard sites, 2 full hook-up sites, 5 hiker/biker sites
    3. Children’s Plat Area
    4. Illahee-State-Park-Map.mediumthumb.pdf
  12. Deception Pass State Park – spreads over 4,134 acres, a marine and camping park with 77,000 feet of saltwater shoreline and 33,900 feet of freshwater shoreline on three lakes. Deception Pass and the high bridge connect Western Washington’s mainland with Whidbey and Fidalgo islands, creating a gateway for exploration
    1. 38 miles of hiking trails & 3 miles of biking trails
    2. 167 tent sites, 143 utility sites, 5 hiker/biker sites (over 3 locations)
    3. 4 primitive sites on Hope Island north shore bay
    4. deception_pass_state_park_map
  13. Fort Casey Historical State Park – a 998-acre marine camping park with 10,810 feet of saltwater shoreline on Puget Sound (Admiralty Inlet); it includes Keystone Spit, a 2-mile stretch of land separating Admiralty Inlet and Crocket Lake
    1. 1.8 miles of hiking trails
    2. 22 standard tent sites, 13 water/electric sites
    3. 4 beachfront pull-thru sites
    4. Fort_Casey_D1_Plan
  14. Twanoh State Park – situated on the shoreline of Hood Canal, features one of the warmest saltwater beaches in Washington state. This is because Hood Canal is one of the warmest saltwater bodies in Puget Sound. The 182-acre marine camping park has 3,167 feet of saltwater shoreline
    1. 2.5 miles of hiking
    2. 25 tent sites & 22 full hook-up sites (35′ max length)
    3. 1 Cascadia Marine Trail site
    4. Twanoh-State-Park-Map.mediumthumb.pdf
  15. Fort Ebey State Park – a 645-acre camping park on Whidbey Island, was originally built as a coastal defense fort in World War II
    1. 25 miles of biking trails & 28 miles of hiking trails
    2. 39 standard sites & 11 electric/water sites
    3. 1 water trail site
    4. Fort-Ebey-State-Park-Map.mediumthumb.pdf
  16. Kitsap Memorial State Park – Proof that beautiful things come in small packages: this 58-acre park north of Poulsbo serves up inspiring sunrise and sunset views. On clear mornings, the east-facing Olympic Mountains reflect pink and orange. On warm summer evenings, their peaks are often cast in silhouette by the glowing red sky
    1. 1.5 miles of hiking trails
    2. 21 standard sites & 18 water/electric sites
    3. 4 cabins
    4. Kitsap-Memorial-State-Park-Map.mediumthumb.pdf
  17. Penrose Point State Park – 165-acre marine and camping park on the shores of Puget Sound. The park has over 2 miles of saltwater frontage on Mayo Cove and Carr Inlet.
    1. 2.5 miles hiking and biking trails
    2. 82 tent sites (big enough for a small trailer)
    3. The campground is in the woods, and all sites are shady or partly shady. None of the campsites are on the water, but the beach is only a short walk away.
    4. Penrose Point State Park Map1

We have been to Twanoh State Park, so the big question is…which one next?

WA State Parks

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