Anybody Got A Paintbrush?!?

There has been a lot of chatter in the last couple days on social media among the lady cruiser riders in the BMX community after a condescending post was made by USABMX’s chief communications officer, Gork, in his 2017 Midwest Nationals Race Report.  He stated, “Okay; at the risk of offending every older ladies cruiser racer in USA BMX, I am going to admit that for me, watching the BMX moms out there rolling around the track can sometimes be as thrilling as watching paint dry or grass grow.”  He later added the anecdote that, “Heck; I would describe my own racing as that too.”  A disclaimer was also added to the post and modified a few times.  It currently reads, “DISCLAIMER: **The views and opinions of this author – gOrk, do not represent the opinions or views of USA BMX. All of us here at USA BMX encourage all riders, of all ages, to compete and enjoy the fun, excitement and thrills of BMX racing. If you are offended at his “watching paint dry” comment, please feel free to let him know at:”  At one point it simply stated that if you are offended by watching paint dry contact……

There have been a lot of reactions to this article on social media ranging from disappointment to anger to disbelief.  I have yet to hear anyone commend it as funny or appropriate in any way, although there may be some out there that do.  I, however, do not feel that it was in anyway acceptable or appropriate.  I felt that the best response was to email the powers that be at USABMX voicing my concerns, which I did yesterday, but to date have not heard back (but I didn’t really expect to).  Below is my letter:


My heart is saddened by the recent race report posted by your chief communications officer. A disclaimer at the end stating it’s only his opinion when he is in fact an employee and the head of your communications department is not sufficient to undo the damage of his misogynistic comment equating watching lady cruisers to watching paint dry. I spend multiple evenings a month running free clinics to get new riders interested in this sport that I love so much, but I struggle, knowing the sanction can allow one of their staff to treat the women of this sport so disrespectfully. This is a horrible message to be sending to our young impressionable girls who frankly look up to many of these lady cruiser riders. It is also a poor example for all of our young men in this sport as well.

Not that the money should be the important factor, but, I’m curious how many lady cruiser riders (& 20″ riders) there are in the usabmx sanction. To date 136 of us have raced cruiser at least once at nationals this year (and 44 have raced 20″). All of those entries for one weekend equate to $18,000 (but obviously many of us have raced more than one national weekend this year). Plus many lady cruisers are also getting their kids to races and other people’s kids. This is a valuable group in our sport. We are mentors and coaches and riders who spend hours training and teaching and promoting this sport. I challenge USABMX to send a loud and clear message that misogyny will not be tolerated and that the women and girls in this sport are just as valuable as the men and boys.

Bethany Price
N.A.G Rider
Local Race Scene Advocate

We are so much more (#anybodygotapaintbrush)

I love this sport that I have committed my life to for the past 23 years.  We are so much more than just moms rolling around a dirt track….

We Battle….

12314547_784015221724862_6459214549313585281_o  13620791_1146624748729599_5718806613389924204_n

We Train…

13934696_10154391266534287_7527336289110233247_n  12494784_10154084587174287_2761508489545013264_n

We Travel…

13230100_10154196761919287_2326951613294266971_n  14034984_10153665157002441_3590175101933294190_n

We Have Skills…

13654413_10207046377666317_8734815965065284644_n  14721754_1219220894803317_28107963367004635_n

We Get Injured…

13654118_10154369166449287_1481779515181954154_n  15170936_10154771259334287_5749932075505033608_n

And We Mentor…

14333142_10154538479444287_2233284495445692794_n  16425747_10154979107149287_7488761995364036104_n

I love my sport and I will continue to encourage and support my local community, but I am very disappointed in the current governing body.


7 thoughts on “Anybody Got A Paintbrush?!?

  1. Darren Mundell

    With every ounce of my being I support your opinion and will stand behind every word you have stated. You’re are a role model for my little girl in every sense of the word,the way you carry yourself, the way you support the sport,the way you support our young girls and oh yeah I almost forgot your great bike skill! Thank you for being a strong word on behalf of another person that supports the female aspect of the sport. You are a strong representative of my entire family’s beliefs. Thank you Bethany.

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  2. Geri Thompson

    Your response is spot on and thank you. I started at the age of 36 I’m am know 56. I do it for my health although crashing does put me out once in a while. I’ve spent most of the last 23 years mentoring etc. Im saddened Gork would Express himself like that. However not surprised usabmx would print it. Keep up the good work Bethany

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  3. Celeste Dryer

    I want to make jerseys with paint brushes on them. Somebody in the BMX world is artistic and would design it….

    This kind of flippant sexism is disgusting and gives the sport a black eye. I know when I ride I do so for the fun, the health, the joy of it. I don’t give a rip if I’m entertaining some dude or not. My son loves that I’m out there and he knows we don’t dis any rider out there.

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